As the mind perceives light and shadow as distance and form, so the mind perceives sound - this blog is dedicated to the musicians who embrace the art of crafting landscapes with the pattern and texture of music. It's a metal blog by consequence rather than design as the genre offers the most impressive examples of "soundscaping," but an assortment of post-rock, classical, neo-classical and folk might find its way into the mix.


Coming Soon...

2009 is proving to be an exceptional year for music with excellent releases from bands such as Amesoeurs, Cobalt, Drudkh, Fen, If These Trees Could Talk, Isis, Solstafir, Wolves In The Throne Room, and many others. I hardly know where to start. I'm spending some time with Panopticon's "Collapse" - I may also begin working on a write-up regarding Agalloch's 2006 masterpiece "Ashes Against The Grain" which I can credit for starting me on this musical journey in the first place.

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